SSL and Holiday Shopping

SSL and Holiday Shopping

Learn About SSL and Quarter Four Holiday Shopping for Online Retailers

Yes, it’s that time of year again. While many consumers have been busy with Labor Day, Back to School and other end of summer holidays and activities, business owners who do a lot of business online are already gearing up for the busy Q4 shopping season in 2014. While there’s a lot to think about, we wanted to take a moment and remind you why having SSL set-up correctly on your server(s) is so important.

And even if you’re not running an ecommerce website, there are other reasons to use SSL on your website or blog. Back in August of this year, Google announced that they are going to start giving a small ranking boost to websites that use HTTPS connections. In today’s competitive world, any small advantage you can get can make a difference in how well you do against the competition.

HTTPS for the 2014 Holiday Season

If you want to be ready for the 2014 holiday shopping season, here are two things you may need to do to make sure you’re covered.

  • Purchase – If you don’t have SSL enabled on your website yet, this is an absolute must if you are going to be processing orders on your own online. Even if you’re not running your own web shop, using HTTPS can help in other ways – like giving you a little SEO boost when you need it the most.
  • Verify – You should double check to make sure your SSL certificate is up to date and that you have it deployed on your entire website. Fortunately, this is very easy to do. A great place to make sure you have everything set-up correctly is to visit a website like SSL Tools and let it check for you.

As you can see, this is not a lot of work to ensure that everything is going to run smoothly this holiday shopping season.

Extended Validation with an EV SSL Certificate

One of the best ways to help ensure your holiday shopping customers that their information is safe when they shop with you is to get an EV SSL Certificate. While this can be more expensive than other SSL certificates, many business owners feel that it’s more than worth the money. The reason? It all comes down to the Green Address Bar in the browser.

The visual reminder that their private information is going to be kept safe is very helpful with getting people to trust you. And, as you probably know, when you can build trust with your customers, they’re going to be more likely to shop with you. The good news is that installing SSL isn’t difficult at all.

Online retailers have a lot to think about during the fourth quarter holiday shopping season, but it’s important to make SSL a priority. Many studies and reports have shown a direct link between using HTTPS and increasing conversions. If you want to have a great Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2014, make sure you have the right type of SSL certificate installed and that it’s working correctly.

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