shopping cartsIn the world of E-Commerce, business is booming.

Although brick-and-mortar isn’t quite dead yet, physical retail locales have lately given way to faster, more convenient online shops.

As a result, digital storefronts are popping up left and right.

What that means for you as a merchant is that you’re competing for the attention of your prospective buyers with scores of other outlets.

If you don’t take steps to make yourself stand out from the crowd, then you’re going to be lost in a sea of noise. It’s not just a matter of marketing your store effectively. No matter how well you get the word out about your site, people are going to leave if they don’t find it appealing.

After all, where would you rather shop – an ultra-modern mall, or a run-down, concrete box?

Aside from taking care of the basics, how can you make your storefront more endearing to its visitors. How can you make it likelier to turn those visitors into sales prospects? It’s actually a lot easier than you’d think.

Make Promises And Guarantees

Although you’d think it was implied right out the door, people love it when you guarantee they’ll be satisfied with your products. Promise them that the stuff you sell will solve whatever issue they’re having and offer them a full refund if they aren’t entirely satisfied. This acts as sort of a ‘safety net,’ reducing purchase anxiety and making people more likely to go through with a sale.

Ensure Your Copy Is High-Quality And Error-Free

To me, there are few things more jarring than glaring errors in website copy – particularly if the person whose page I’m visiting is trying to sell me something. After all, how can I trust that you’ll offer a great product if you can’t even be bothered to check for errors? Now with that said, I fully understand that not everyone is a writer.

If you aren’t confident in your ability to compose high-quality copy on your own, I’ve one recommendation: hire someone who can.

Design An Awesome, Aesthetically-Pleasing Homepage

If your website is ugly, people aren’t going to want to explore it – and if your storefront is an abomination to the eyes, people aren’t going to want to buy from it. That’s a fairly basic web design concept, but it bears mentioning here. See, one of the best ways to make your shop appeal to visitors is to make it look good.

Choose an effective color scheme; one which suits the products you’re selling. It still needs to be easy on the eyes, sure; but there’s nothing saying you can’t have a fancy logo or a few flashy elements in the body of your store. High-quality product images are a must here too, and can go a long way towards bringing people back for a second purchase.

Make Use Of Reviews And Testimonials

I’m just going to toss out a simple statistic here, and let you judge: as of 2013, 90% of consumers said that online reviews impact their buying decisions. For this reason, a positive review or a glowing testimonial is one of the most powerful sales tools you’ll ever have in your arsenal. This can be dangerous too, mind you; a negative review can drive someone away from a purchase as surely as a positive one can drive them towards it.

Generally, I’d argue that it’s worth the risk.

Make sure your website is equipped with a system that allows visitors to write up reviews of your products, and occasionally reach out to some of your best, happiest customers to ask if they’d like to put together a testimonial for you.

Offer Multiple Ways To Pay

Last, but certainly not least, people don’t like being shoehorned into a single payment option. While it’s usually safe to go with credit/debit alone, you could stand to bring in significantly more traffic – and markedly better sales numbers – by allowing people a bit of variety in how they pay. Take Amazon, for instance, which offers no less than six different payment options.

It’s All About The Appeal

The E-Commerce world is booming, and digital storefronts are popping up left and right. Thanks to mobile devices, more people are shopping online than ever before, and competition to catch the attention of those shoppers is stiff indeed. It goes without saying that you need to set up an eye-catching, well-designed storefront for your customers.

Otherwise, why even bother?

Image credit: “Jim”

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