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Q12155 - INFO: Why do I need an ssl.com certificate for my site?

Why do I need an ssl.com certificate for my site?

Every website that uses a secure connection with its users can benefit from an SSL certificate from ssl.com. Using the most trusted name in security certifications ensures users around the globe will have their transactions protected. This is particularly important for any financial transactions, but also for many types of user accounts and private access systems.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provides security technology for encrypted links between a browser and a web server. This encrypted connection allows data to be sent over the public network of the internet while remaining private and integral between the browser and the web server. Basically, SSL is an industry standard for these secure digital certificate connections. This standard is used by millions of websites and internet browsers to protect all sorts of online transactions.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

When your website users need to communicate with your website in a secure and private way an SSL Certificate is used. First, the customer's browser will connect to the secure site and request the site's SSL Certificate. Then, the customer's browser checks to ensure the SSL Certificate has not expired and that it was issued by a trusted Certification Authority (like SSL.com). Lastly, the browser ensures the SSL Certificate is being used the the website to which it was issued. If the digital certificate fails any one of those checks will cause the browser to throw an error message. This is why it is so important to work with a globally trusted Certificate Authority.

Why SSL.com?

Being a globally trusted certificate authority, SSL.com is able to supply SSL Certificates which are trusted by browser around the world. This offers a high degree of security to compliment the products and services provided by SSL.com. The latest technologies, high Assurance SSL Certificates, and globally trusted, there's simply no reason not to choose SSL.com as your SSL Certificate provider.
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