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Q10694 - HOWTO: How do I get SSL on my website?

There are four steps involved in procuring and installing a SSL server certificate, thus enabling SSL to provide security to your site. These steps are: 1) Purchase SSL Certificate(s), 2) generate a CSR, 3) enroll for a SSL server certificate, and 4) install the SSL server cerificate.

1) Purchase SSL Certificate(s)
The first step is to purchase a SSL certificate. You have access to a wide variety of SSL certificates that differ from each other based on brand and features. To get started with the process of choosing the right SSL solution for you, click here. Once you have purchased 1 or more SSL certicates (discounts may apply for bulk purchases, ask for details) you can manage them through your SSL.com account. An SSL.com account is created for you automatically when you make a purchase on SSL.com. The purchased SSL certificates will appear as unused credits in your SSL.com account, and these credits can be used on demand. When you are ready to use a credit and implement SSL on your site(s), go to Step 2).

2) Generate a CSR
From the web server that will be SSL enabled, generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and save the CSR to a text file. For detailed CSR generation instructions based on which brand of web server you are using, click the following link: CSR Generation Instructions.

3) Enroll for a SSL server certificate
Log into your SSL.com account, and find an unused SSL certificate credit and select "process certificate". (see figure below)
Select and unused credit

When prompted, copy and paste the CSR text that was created in Step 2) into the textbox and select the server software used to create the CSR. If you do not find your software listed, simply select "other". (see figure below)
Paste in your CSR

Confirm the domain name is correct on the certificate request, and enter other information when prompted. (see figure below)
confirm domain name image

Enter the administrator contact information. (see figure below)
Administrative contact information image

Verify other contacts. (see figure below)
Verify contacts image

Monitor the certificate status. (see figure below)
monitor certificate status image

4) Install the SSL server cerificate
Upon receiving your SSL server certificate (either through email or downloaded from your SSL.com account), you will need to install your certificate on the web server on which you generated the CSR from step 2). For detailed certificate installation instructions based on which brand of web server you are using, click the following link: Certificate Installation Instructions

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